Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Place-mats

We made Halloween place-mats this week! I got this idea from my sister-in-law, Udrika. I got these cute place-mats from Walmart for about $1.00 each. I had each of the kids choose a Halloween idea to put on their place-mat using their hand or foot prints. So I needed a paint brush, paint, and I used glitter glue to write their names on the mats.

Riley did a spider. I just painted both hands black and put them on the place-mat in the shape of a spider.

I used blue puff paint for the eyes, and then wrote his name in glitter glue:

Zach chose a ghost. After we put his white hand prints upside down on the mat, I used the glitter glue to make eyes, and mouths on his two ghosts:

Lily's was two witches with her feet. I asked her what kind of witch she wanted & she wanted a green-faced one. So I painted most of her foot a glittery purple color, and her heel green for the face:

I used blue puff paint for the eyes, pink puff paint for the mouth, and glitter glue for the hair, hats, and stars and moons on their dresses.

 These look really cute on our table!!



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