Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick Or Treat Street

On Saturday, we went to see Lily dance with her ballet class during Trick or Treat Street at Wichita Children's Theatre! Her class did a dance to a pumpkin song, so they dressed as pumpkins.

Their teacher made these cute hair bows for them.

She got to wear make-up and she was pretty excited about that. :0)

After we dropped Lily off with her teacher, we went down to get seats for the show. Since we were early though, we decided to do some face painting when we spotted it.

They did a great job on their faces!!

After that, we did sit down for the show. It was a short play about Halloween safety. Then they let the kids get up and "trick or treat" at the "doors around the auditorium. 

While the kids were doing that, the different dance classes came on to do their dances. By the time the boys were done, Lily's class came on!

She did GREAT!! She was SO cute up there!! 

After her class went back stage, we wandered over to the hair painting. Riley got his hair spray painted blue.

When all of the classes were done, they came out and made their bow.

Lily came out to us and the she got to trick or treat!

The boys painted pumpkins.....

while Lily got her face painted.

Here are the boys waiting patiently while Lily painted her pumpkin. :0)

The last thing we did before we had to leave was getting balloons from Soapy the Clown!

Zach thought he was too cool or old to get a balloon..... ;)

We had a great time at Trick or Treat Street & Lily was super cute during her dance!!


  1. Great job Lily!! You looked super cute :0) and it cracks me up that Riley had them paint is face a vampire since he really is a 200 year old vampire ;0) oh the irony!

  2. Aw she looks so cute! I'm glad she did a great job. It looked like a lot of fun!!!