Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Svensk Hyllningsfest (Swedish Festival)

My family has Swedish roots on my Mom's side, and when she heard about the Swedish Festival (Svensk Hyllingsfest) in Lindsborg, KS, she wanted to go. So, my sisters, Kathleen, Amy, & Mary & niece Rachel, all took a road trip last Saturday with my mom to go! 
This is us in Kathleen's van, headed to Linsdborg:

My niece wanted to see the parade, so we got there early enough to get seats. This statue of Saint Lucia was across from where we sat:

It was COLD!!! While Amy & I searched for something hot to drink, we saw this ice cream maker:

While ice cream was the furthest thing from my mind at that time since it was 42* out & windy, it was pretty cool to see. :0)

Me & my Mommy waiting for the parade to start!

The parade was full of floats, bands, dancers, cheerleaders, cars, Dalas, Duck Dynasty impersonators, bagpipers, an outhouse, bike riders.....

And the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and lion were there too! The scarecrow was carrying a sign that had Dorothy's picture on it asking if anyone had seen her. :0)

After watching the parade for about an hour, we got down in search of the Genealogy building. On the way Amy posed in this phone booth. I think people thought we were dorks because we got so excited to see it. 

After we learned that the genealogy exhibit didn't open for a bit, we headed to a craft tent and then chowed down on some Swedish food.

I had Kringlor and a Viking on a Stick. The Kringlor was an almond pastry, which was delicious, and the Viking on a Stick was Swedish meatballs & rye bread on a stick, dipped in pancake batter and deep fried. It was also yummy!
The last picture is of Swedish pancakes and Lingonberries. The pancakes are like crepes, which I am not that fond of, but the Lingonberries were yummy. 

All throughout Main Street, there were these horses, that I learned were called Dalas. They are Swedish and a lot of the houses had them on their houses with their name on them. These Dalas all had a different theme to them.

After our food fest, we went to the Genealogy Exhibit. My mom learned a lot and that was good because that's one of the reasons she wanted to go. :0)

After that, we went to the Swedish meatball demonstration. I love Swedish meatballs. They are so yummy!

The next thing we did was walk over to the sweets vendors and to more craft tents. Then we headed back to the main stage to watch Swedish Folk Dancing. These were all high school students. They did a wonderful job & you could tell that it is a lot of work to learn all of those dances!

Here we all are waiting for the dancing to start!

After the dancing, we decided to look at all of the local shops. We ended our day at a shop that hand paints Dalas and will personalize them for you.

Rachel got a little one for her son Ares.

My mom also got one, but I didn't get a picture of it.

Then we all posed in front of the giant Dala!!

 It was a fun and informative day with my family!!! =)


  1. WOW you got a lot in! Glad it was a successful trip :-D

  2. I'm stealing our group dala picture for facebook :p