Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I'm finally blogging about Halloween! It's been crazy busy around here, and then I couldn't get my pictures loaded on the computer. :0/ But, I am finally getting around to do it...almost a week later...

We started out our week by going to the Scout Halloween Pack Meeting. The kids got to start the meeting out by making lollipop ghosts!

There was also a costume contest! Here are all of the scouts who wore Lily. ;0)

After the flag ceremony, and the scout updates, it was time for some fun! They turned each other into mummies:

Lily talked one of the mom's into making her into a mummy!

She was completely covered!

Then it was time to bob for apples!
Zach's cousin Johnny was helping him out by holding his hood for him. :0)

They got really wet, but had a lot of fun!!

Then on Wednesday, we carved our pumpkins!

Lily wanted to carve Ariel in her pumpkin, but the pattern she picked was super complicated for her, so I ended up carving most of hers.

Zach carved the Creeper from Mine Craft!

Riley chose Pikachu! He needed some help from Jeff, but did a lot of it by himself!

And Jeff did a KC, of course. :0)

On Halloween, the kids got their costumes on & got ready to Trick-or-Treat!

Lily was Ariel from The Little Mermaid:

Zach was a wizard:

Riley was this creepy thing:

They got WAY too much candy, but they had fun going around the neighborhood with Jeff, and then warmed up with some hot apple cider while watching Halloween movies!
It was another great Halloween!

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  1. WHY must the boys be these weird things? Cooper wanted me to get this faceless mask but it was SOLD OUT! WHY? it was nothing? Anywho, Lily looks cute and the boys do look creepy! Mission Accomplished!