Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkeys with Emma

On Tuesday of this week, we went over to Amy's house to play with Emma & do an art project!

Emma & the kids were SO excited to see each other!! :0)

After playing inside for a bit, we headed outside to collect leaves for our project.

Amy collected leaves for Emma since she just wanted to run around. ;0)

After everyone got enough leaves, we went back inside and started making turkeys! We had brown paper bodies that they glued the leaves on for feathers, and then they made faces on the head & neck part, and glued those on top.

I took this picture of Lily working on hers, but check out Emma in the back. She took her leaves off & put her hands on the glue, and the paper stuck to her hand. She was waving the paper around trying to get it to come off. It was SO funny!! Lol!!

Our finished turkeys!!

After our turkeys were all done, we played for a little bit more & then had a yummy lunch made by Amy.

Thanks Amy for letting us come over!! We miss seeing Emma everyday!! :0)

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  1. Emma misses you too! Thanks for coming to play!