Monday, November 11, 2013

Science Olympiad Invitational

Last Saturday in the very, very, early morning (3:45) we got to All Saints to help load up the bus for the trip to Shawnee Mission, KS for the Science Olympiad Invitational. 
Zach was all ready to get on the bus with his book & pillow.

Jeff & I opted to drive. :0)

When we got there, we unloaded everything, finally found the room reserved for us, and I got breakfast set out for all of those hungry 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th graders!

Everyone was told when & where their event was, and that they needed to study before their event. Most of the kids had more than one event, but the 5th graders could only do one this year, so Zach only had to do his, which is Shock Value. (circuits, electricity, etc.)

Here he is (in a very bad picture) taking the test:

After all of the kids were done & had eaten lunch, we loaded the bus back up & waited in the auditorium for the awards to start.

Jeff is the coach for Zach's team, but he was also a judge that day for the robotics event.

The awards were supposed to start at 2:30, but they didn't actually start until 4:00!! That is a LOOONG time for all of those kids to sit and do nothing.

Our school won in 12 different awards in the individual events!! We were SO excited!! 
Then our entire school won third place overall in the entire invitational!!! 

Zach did not win an award, but we knew that the chances of him (or any of the 5th graders) to win one was pretty slim since this was their first event. They do the invitationals for the experience & now Zach has a better idea of what he is supposed to do. He had a lot of fun, and learned a lot though!!

After the awards, we went to dinner at a place called Power Play. It has a buffet & then a huge game room. The kids were so excited!!

After Zach was out of tokens, we headed back home in our car. I was glad we didn't have to ride the bus home since we were all super tired & just wanted to get home! 

We picked Lily & Riley up from my parents house (Thank you mom & dad for keeping them over night!!!) and then headed home to bed!

Now we need to get ready for the next invitational in December!

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  1. That is SO IMPRESSIVE!! Tell Zach that I am jealous that he is so much smarter than me! Tell him his cousins are WAY proud of him too!