Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Our Spring Break was jam packed with fun, family, and friends! The kids got out of school early on Thursday, March 13th. They went to go play with their cousins Rachel, Ceri, and Brigid while I went to their conferences. They all are doing great in school!!
On Friday, We went to go see The Lego Movie. It was SO funny!!
Afterwards, Lily wanted her picture taken with Olaf from Frozen:

On Friday night, we took Zach to All Saints to drop him off for his first Boy Scout campout. He was really excited!!

On Saturday, Lily & I dropped Riley off at the ice skating rink for a birthday party of a friend. This was the first time he had ice skated. He was a little wobbly at first, but then got the hang of it & really liked it!

Since Jeff was out of town & the boys were both busy, Lily & I decided to take advantage of the girl time and get pedicures!

Lily was a little nervous at first, but then she decided that she loved it!

They even painted her nails!

She now wants to do this all of the time. ;0)

We got Zach later that evening. Even though they got rained on and they had to come back a little early, he still had a lot of fun!

On Sunday, we went to my niece Karen's baby shower! These are the youngest Ramsey granddaughters:
Madison, Ceridwen, Brigid, Emma, and Lily.


Monday was St. Patrick's Day, so we celebrated that by dressing up as leprechauns....

and then we headed over to my mom's to see some family that had come into town. This little guy is one of the people who came into town:
(I tried taking a picture of his sister who is two, but she kept telling me to leave her alone. LOL!!)

These two princesses live here, but I thought their outfits were cute. :0)

Tuesday was my 36th Birthday. My three wonderful kids made me breakfast in bed & were good all day. :0) My sister Kathleen & my nice Karen took me out to lunch too! (I also got lunch out with my mother-in-law & sister-in-law Lisa on Wednesday & again with my mom & sister Amy on Thursday the week before!)

On Wednesday, the kids all got to invite one friend over at 10:00 and we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Riley invited Britton:

Zach had Taby over:

And of course, Lily asked her BFF Allison to come over:

We wen to Braum's for ice cream when we were done there, and then went back to our house until their parents picked them up at 4:00. Then I collapsed. ;0)

Thursday was pretty low key for me. Grandma Logan came over and got the kids about 9:00 and took them back to their house while I did nothing all day long. It was lovely!! :0) Then I met them at Red Robin for dinner.

Early on Friday morning, Jeff came home!! We were super happy to see him!! Then we had Riley's friend Britton and his little sister Averie over for awhile. The kids were excited to have friends over again!

That evening, we went over to Jeff's brother Aaron's house to witness his wedding to Lisa!

My two sisters-in-law on the Logan side; Norma & Lisa: (and me)

Aaron, Lisa, Sheril, Dot, and Gary:

Jeff & his brothers; Richard & Aaron:

So, I think we made the most of our break. We got some relaxing in and we got to see family and friends and have lots of fun!!

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