Thursday, September 4, 2014

Uniform Hair Bows

Lily is now in the second grade, and I have been wanting to go get her uniform hair bows since kindergarten, but since we get all of Lily's uniforms from my nieces that they have outgrown (Yeah for hand me downs!!) and the boys just get pants & shirts from either Target or Wal-Mart, I haven't been by the actual uniform store. So I finally decided to use one of Lily's outgrown uniforms (I don't have anyone to pass it on to.) and turn it into a headband and bow!

I saw these types of material flowers on Pinterest, but they were for a necklace. I though they seemed pretty easy and co sewing was involved, so they were right up my alley! ;0)

All I needed was scissors, a hot glue gun, felt, a headband, a clip, and the uniform.

First, I wanted to cover the headband, so I cut a small strip of material...

glued the end onto one side...

wrapped it around the headband....

and hot glued the other end:

I made the flower next. I cut out a felt circle:

cut out circles from the uniform, using the felt circle as a pattern...

then one by one, I folded the circles up like this:

hot glued the end, and glued them onto the felt:

I continued to do this until I got the fullness I wanted.

Then I trimmed the felt so I couldn't see it from the top and glued it onto the headband.

These pictures make it look kind of weird, but it is actually really cute.

I made a flower clippie out of uniform material next. I started out with a felt circle again and used it as a pattern to cut out uniform material circles. I think this one turned out better because I made the circles smaller this time.

Just like before, I folded the circles and put hot glue on the tip and glued them to the felt.

After I had it as full as I wanted, I trimmed the felt and then hot glued the clip to the felt.

I forgot to take a picture of Lily with this one in her hair. :0(
She loved both of them though!!
These were super easy to make and MUCH cheaper than if I had bought them!


  1. So cute and clever! Why didn't mom ever make these for us ;0)