Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pinewood Derby (2015)

Last Saturday, we had the annual scout Pinewood Derby. All three kids made cars again this year. Riley was the only one with a scout car though, since it's just cub scouts that do it, not Boy Scouts. So, that means that Lily & Zach both had Outlaw cars. Here are their cars:

Lily's: (obviously)



These are the cubs scouts cars:

These are the Outlaw cars:

The derby set-up:

The kids all had fun racing their cars:

  Lily won second place in the outlaw class!! She was SO excited!!

The other winners:

Zach won 4th in the outlaw & Riley won 4th in the scouts. They all had fun though!! :0)

They are already talking about their cars for next year!

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