Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas (2014)

It has been crazy since Christmas, so I am just now getting around to posting about it. But, it was a great time filled with family, fun, food, and presents!

On Christmas day, the kids woke up bright and early to see what Santa brought them!

This year, we decided that the presents that came from Jeff & I would be Something they want, something they can wear, something they need, and something they can read. They weren't too sure about the need present, but they found out it was a good idea. Lily got a princess lamp for reading. She has been needing a reading lamp for her room and was pleasantly suprised when it was pink with princesses on it!

Zach got the last Minecraft book he needs. (He got a different book for something to read, but that's ok, because this kids loves to read!!)

Riley had said he needed a scarf, so I had my mom crochet a blue one for him. He loved that his Grammy made it!!

Jeff's present from me; a Chief's yard sign!

Zach made Jeff & I these adorable clay statues!! Jeff's is a Chief's arrowhead:

And mine was a coffee mug (complete with "coffee" in it) with a sunflower on it! I loved this!!

Riley and Zach's want; a Wii U!

The kids buy one of their siblings a present and trade off who it is each year. This year, Riley bought for Lily and he bought her a Sofia magnetic dress-up doll set. She loved it!

After presents and playing with presents, we headed over to my parent's house. These two cutie (David & Camelot) met for the first time! Cami lives in Germany and we all got to meet her!! (She's my niece. Karen's daughter & david is my sister, Amy's son.)

Poor Jeff had gotten into an car accident the Monday before Christmas and was still in quite a bit of pain. :0(

After lunch, the kids all opened their presents from my parents and from the cousin who drew their name in the name drawing.

Then it was time for the adult white elelphant gift exchange! As usual, there were quite a few funny gifts!!

Then we all just spent time with each other. :0)

It was a good day!
We were supposed to have the Logan Family Christmas that Saturday, but Jeff, Zach, and I all got the stomach flu. It was bad. :0( So we had to miss it. We were very sad about this. We did get to go over and spend time with just Gary & Sheril though on New Year's Day. :0)

So, now it is 2015!! Time is just flying by!! We are looking forward to what this new year brings us!

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