Friday, January 9, 2015

Ribbon Bow Holders

Lily has a lot of bows....A Lot!!
She has three bow holders in her room:

She also has a basket in my bathroom full of other bows, headbands, and hair-ties.....
Even though she has all of these, I felt compelled to buy this lot of different colored bows. Look at all those colors!!! :0)

Obviously, I needed somewhere to put them. Originally, I was going to make one like the first one, in a frame. But, I realized she really doesn't have the wall space for that. So, I went with two more ribbon ones. Lily picked out princess ribbon, and I found these cute pink sparkly fairies for the tops on Christmas clearance: 

All I had to do was hot glue the fairies to the ribbon and then cut the ribbon to the length I wanted.

The fairies happened to have little holes at the top, so I nailed two small nails into the wall and hung them up.

Lily was super excited to get new bows and bow holders!

I still didn't get all of the new bows on those two ribbons either. I had to stick some on the other bow holders. I think she might not need anymore bows....for awhile anyway....  ;0)

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