Monday, April 27, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge (Riley's 10th Birthday)

For the kids' 10th birthdays, we take them on a mini vacation. Zach chose Great Wolf Lodge, and Riley had so much fun then, that he also chose it! We headed there after school the weekend before his actual birthday. The ids were SO excited!!

He got birthday wolf ears and a birthday poster on our door!

The kids were excited for their bunks!

After they threw their swimsuits on, we went down to the waterpark.

While all of that swimming was going on, Jeff & I were enjoying some yummy drinks:

After a few hours of swimming, we headed back to our room where the kids had popcorn and watched a movie.

The next morning, the kids couldn't wait to get back in the waterpark!

Jeff decided to go down a water slide even though he was not really supposed to take his boot off of his injured foot.

 He said the hot tub helped though. ;0)

We ran up to the room to eat lunch after a few hours, then Lily & I headed to the spa for a facial/manicure/pedicure!

Meanwhile, the boys were playing MagiQuest!!

Then it was ice cream time!

Lily's & my pedicures and manicures:

We headed back to the pool for a few more hours of fun, then we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

They sang him happy birthday and he got a cupcake. :0)

Then it was time for more MagiQuest:

Lily took a break to listen to the Storytime:

Sunday morning was started out with more swimming!

Lily got to lead the chant they do before they open the doors!

Our morning was spent swimming and more MagiQuest, then we were off to T-Rex Café!!

Riley was pretending the dino was biting his butt.....goofball....

They sang happy birthday to him here too!

We also had this yummy volcano dessert:

It was such a great weekend!!

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