Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lily's First Communion

On April 19th, Lily received her First Holy Communion. We went in the morning to get her hair done. She was SO excited!!

When we got back home, she got her dress, veil, tiara, and new shoes on.
She looked so beautiful!!

Before I dropped her off with her teacher, I took a few pictures of her in the church.

Lily and her teacher, Mrs. Heise. We LOVE her!!

The banner the kids made:

Lily's panel:

After First Communion. Lily and her BFF Ally:

Lily & Johnny:

The second Grade Class:

We had a party afterwards at our house to celebrate Lily, Johnny, and Ares (who received his first communion earlier that day at Blessed Sacrament).
I made these "wine & host" cups made with jello and marshmallows. :0)

Mary made the cakes. Lily had a beautiful dress cake:

Ares & Johnny's cake was this cute cross:

Congratulations kids!

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