Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dandelion Painting

We saw these giant dandelions on the side of the road a few weeks ago, so we stopped to pick them so the kids could blow their giant seeds!

Zach had one too, but he didn't want me to take his picture. He's such a pre-teen! ;-)

We also tried the light a dandelion on fire and it's supposed to turn pretty colors....ummm, no, it does not do that.... :(

Anyway, Lily and I decided to paint a dandelion picture after that, so this is the one she did. (The boys were party poopers and didn't want to do it.)

She painted green stems, and then with her thumb, painted the middle of the dandelion:

Then with her pinky, she painted the seeds on the dandelion and floating away:

Lily's dandelions:

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