Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kid Races!

This summer, I decided to copy my sister Dianna's idea a little bit. She has put on Olympics before which were SUPER fun! But SO much work! So I went the lazy route and just did races. The winner of each raced got a candy medal. :0) Which I forgot to take pictures of, but they were just square(ish) shaped candies (Reese's peanut butter cups, York patties, M&M packs, etc.) taped to yarn to go around their necks. We had lots of kids, so I thought to keep it fair, we would do the races in age groups. The three year olds, the 8 year olds, the 10 year olds, and the 12 year olds. (Sometimes the 10 & 12 year olds were together.)
The first race was eating a donut off of a string, using no hands.
**The poor three year olds were getting so frustrated, so we let them use their hands. :0)

(There are two kids not usually seen in my blog. They are Parker, the little boy my niece Rachel babysits, and Allie, her friends little girl.)

So funny. :0)

Next up was the potato sack races. These were so funny to watch! LOL!

We did an egg race next, but we used plastic spoons and plastic eggs. ;0)

The crab walk was hard for some of them and super easy for others:

Mr. David didn't participate in any races, but walked around being cute.

The turtle race was hard for everyone, but hilarious to watch!

Next was the shoe race, where they had to throw their shoes out, go to the end of the yard, race to get them, put them on, then race to me. We didn't have the 3 year olds do this, we thought they might get too frustrated.

Our next race was running to the pile of clothes and getting 3 articles of clothing on (correctly) first.

Taking a break from the heat, we went inside and had two more races. Blowing a cup across the table:

And picking up skittles with a straw and putting them in a cup. The three year olds were not getting this, so we just let them pick them up with their fingers and they all won. ;0)

The last fun event was done by Rachel. She did a pie eating contest! The kids loved getting their faces into pie!

So funny!
Everyone enjoyed the races and everybody won at least once!

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  1. How Fun! I bet that was still a lot of work though!! :0)
    Camden and Carson would have loved this...Cooper is obviously WAY to mature for this ;0)-