Friday, July 17, 2015

Our Fourth Of July

I realize that I am a few weeks behind in posting this. I don't really have any reason, I was just being lazy. ;0)
We had a small-ish Fourth of July this year at our house. We started out by going to get fireworks the night before. The kids were super excited about the amount we got. We always plan on not getting as many, but it never turns out that way....

And of course they just HAD to set a few off that night....

On the fourth, they couldn't wait to start setting fireworks off!

These fireworks were called the "Weird Twins". I thought it was appropriate. LOL!


After awhile, we came in side to cool off and to save some fireworks for when their cousins were coming over.
Lily & I made this patriotic banner out of coffee filters.

They also went swimming:

Ceri, Lily, & Brigid in their cute 4th of July outifts!

When the cousins got to our house, they started lighting fireworks off again!

We all took a break to cool off inside and eat some of Jeff's delicious BBQ!
My mom & Kathleen made yummy homemade ice cream. My three decided to eat theirs outside.

Then, you guessed it: more fireworks!!

Zach was trapping the smoke from smoke bombs in water bottles!

And that was our 4th of July!!

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