Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flag Football

Riley had his first game in Flag Football yesterday!
When we asked him if he wanted to play soccer like Zach,
he said that he wanted to play football instead.
So, we signed him up for flag football.
He was really excited......
especially after we went to the Chief's game.
He kept saying, "This is what I'm gonna do!!"
When Jeff took him to his first practice,
Riley was very disappointed.
He ran up to Jeff crying, and said,
"This isn't the Chiefs! I thought I was playing for the Chiefs!"
Jeff explained to him that he had to work his way up to playing like that. ;-)
We talked him into staying with flag football.
Yesterday, he decided he loved it!
He got right out there & tried his hardest!!!

Here he is patiently taking his turn on the sideline.

Then he got back out again and played hard!
He was really good at getting the flags off of players on the other team.......

he just was a little too slow at doing it. =)
He would get their flag right after they passed the ball to someone else.
But, for his first game, and for only having one practice before,
Jeff & I think he did GREAT!!
His team won and he had fun playing.
He said he can't wait to do it again next weekend!

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