Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Addition......

to our front porch! ;-)

These adorable chairs, painted by my sister Amy, have sat on our front porch in the spring and summer for the past several years.
They were originally intended for Zach and Riley, hence the blue and green.

I have wanted to get another child Adirondack chair and paint it more girly colors for Lily for awhile now, but had not been able to find another one.
My brother & sister-in-law, Joe & Udrika, (I think probably more Udrika than Joe.....) took pity on Lily and found one in Texas!!
They gave it to us a while ago and I just now got around to painting it a really pretty lavender that Lily picked out this past weekend.
Then I asked Amy to paint a pink butterfly on it, also picked out by Lily.
Here is what came of all of Amy's hard work:

Isn't it adorable?!?!
Look at the eyes....I think they are SO cute!!

Lily loves it too!!

I usually take these chairs off of the porch in October so I can put up fall, and then winter things, and the chairs go into the garage until spring again.
Now that we have the deck though, I think I will just put them all out there, so the kids can enjoy them year-round!!
Thanks again Joe, Udrika, and Amy!!!!!