Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lily's First Gymnastics Class

Lily had her first gymnastics class this morning!!
They got to do all sorts of fun things.
Including trying out the balance beam!
The teacher held her hand the first few times.

But by the third time she could do it on her own!

Another fun thing they got to do was jump down this long trampoline.

They were supposed to jump into the foam blocks at the end,
but none of the girls wanted to do it.
They all had the teacher help them into it. =)

As I was looking at these pictures, I just have to wonder:
Who did that poor girl's hair?!?
I really do know how to put Lily's hair into a nice ponytail,
but someone forgot what time Lily's class was,
and was running really late....
She only missed a little bit.
She still had fun though!!
Look at that face!
At first she said she didn't want to go back.
But halfway home, she said,
"OK, I'll got back next week."
She likes to do things on her own terms......
So, she's ready to go back next week and learn more fun things.
And hopefully she will be on time..... =)

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