Monday, September 13, 2010


We must not think we have enough to do.
Not only did we go to Riley's football game on Saturday,
but we watched Zach play his first soccer game of the season!
Our Saturdays are pretty full for the next month and a half! =)

Zach was a little nervous at the beginning of his game,
but once he calmed down, he got right in there & did great!!

He did such a good job getting in there & going after the ball!!
He ran fast and played hard!
All of his and his team's hard work paid off.
Zach's team won!!!
He was so excited!!
This is what Little Miss Lily was doing during all of the excitement:
She didn't really care about the games......
but she was really good for having to sit through two games. =)

We are so proud of both boys for doing such a great job in their first games!!

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