Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bead Art

Riley's 100th Day of School was supposed to be Thursday.
But, since this is our second snow day this week, I don't think that is happening now.
We still took this opportunity of being snowed in to work on his 100th Day project though.
He had to make a picture using 100 objects.
Riley chose colored beads.
We started out making a rainbow.
It takes a lot of beads to make a rainbow.
100 beads seems like a lot, but it really isn't.
So, we switched to a sailboat.
Riley counted out how many beads we used for each thing he made.
(We tried to keep them in numbers of 5's & 10's so it would be easy for him to remember how many beads we used.)
After he had his picture made, we hot glued the beads on.
Here is his picture:

After we had it made, we realized there were only 99 beads on it, so we had to add one more.
At least we caught it before he turned it in. =)
(This picture does not have 100 beads. I didn't include all of the blue beads for the water. I cropped the picture.)

When Zach and Lily saw what Riley was doing, they wanted to make a picture too.
So, after Ri was done, I put the rest of the beads in bowls (I got 500 beads for under $2.00 at Wal-Mart) and gave them just regular white glue.
I did outline Lily's butterfly and flower with glue, but she filled them in with glue and added the beads herself.

Riley made another picture.
This time he made a smiley face.

This is Zach's picture.
I'm pretty sure it says Hello I'm 8.

This actually kept them entertained for awhile and it was a cheap art project.
We will have to do this one again soon.

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