Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st Day of School!

Today is the first day of school!! Riley started 1st grade & Zach started 3rd! (How did that happen?!?)
Jeff & I took the boys to school this morning. Riley wanted us to come, but while Zach didn't tell us he didn't want to be walked in, he didn't act super excited about it either. I'm not too sure he will let us next year. ;0)
Riley was excited to meet his teacher! We left him at his room so we could walk Zach to his room (before he left without us) but when we came back, he looked a little sick. =( But I am sure he had a great day once he saw all of his friends.

Zach went into his room and was so excited to be there, can't you tell?

Yeah, he looks super excited.... ;0) I am sure he will have fun today too though. His teacher is the same teacher he had in 1st grade & we love her!!! Yeah!

So, now it's just Lily & I. We are going to be doing lots of fun stuff together. =)

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