Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scout Badges

Zach has a lot of scout badges. Most of them go on his shirt, but some of them he got and then they just sat on my dresser collecting dust. So, this weekend, I decided to make a board where I can put his badges that do not go on his shirt.
I used a bulletin board, scrapbook paper, and stickers.

First, I stapled the paper on how I wanted it. I found some great patriotic paper that I thought would be a good background.

Then I added some cute scouting stickers I found. They say service, community, fishing, camping, etc. After I placed those where I wanted them, I stapled his badges on, leaving plenty of room for more badges that he will get in the future.

The thing in the bottom right hand corner are his beads that he earned doing activities during the year last year for scouts. Since he will start over this year, I added this to his board too. I attached it with one of the mother's pins that I get each year.
Zach was really excited when this was finished & he is even more excited for a new year in scouts!

Riley will also start scouts this year too. He is especially excited that his dad will be his scout leader! =) I think I will have to make another one of these boards pretty soon........


  1. Very Cool! I bet Zach loves it :0)

  2. That is awesome, It's a neat way to keep his badges and display them!! Good job Zach! Good luck Riley!