Monday, August 15, 2011

Kansas City Trip

We took the kids to the first Chief's game of the season. It was a pre-season game though. We take them to those, because it doesn't really count, (good thing, because they stunk!!!) so Jeff doesn't care that they won't sit through an entire game.

This was the boys' 3rd game, but Lily's 1st!

She was excited!

And she actually sat through half of the game! (she got wiggly after the half, but hey, she's 4! I was suprised she lasted that long!)

Our seats were pretty far up this year, but the boys liked using the binoculars, so that made it OK. =)

I like how Lily is peeking through to smile for a picture....such a ham.

Me & Riley. He loves going to the games. He gets so excited!

They all lasted about halfway into the 3rd quarter, which is pretty long. Especially since the game didn't start until 7:00 p.m.

We had gotten a hotel in KC so we didn't have to drive back that night.

The next day we let the kids swim at the hotel & then headed off to the T-Rex Cafe!!

The boys had seen advertisements for this & thought it would be a cool place to eat.

They had dinosaurs, a giant octopus, flashing lights, woolly mammoths, and lots of aquariums with real fish.

We sat on the second level in the "Ice Room". Every 30 minutes, the lights would change from blue to red during a "meteor shower".

The food was actually really good too. We got this giant dessert to share at the end of our meal:

It had a cup of dry ice that spilled out over the dessert. The kids really liked that!

Even though there were 5 of us, we could not finish all of that dessert. It was yummy too!!

Then it was time to head home.

We let Lily drive us:

Just kidding!! This was during a bathroom break & she thought it would be funny to come sit up front with me while Daddy was gone.

I think that is our last trip together for awhile. School starts on Wednesday. We have had a really fun & jam-packed summer!! I am sad that school is starting because I will miss getting to do these fun things all of the time with all 3 kids, but I am excited that school is starting, because I think we have all had a little too much together time. ;0)

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