Monday, August 22, 2011

Color Walk

Since Lily has a bunch of cousins that are around her age (preschool age) we invited them over to have a color walk with us. I painted these egg cartons using 6 different colors.

We were originally going to take a walk outside and find things in nature that were different colors and put them in the right spot in their carton, so I only used half of an egg carton for each child (thinking that some colors are hard to find in nature), but it was raining off and on all morning, so we decided to play it safe and do our color "walk" inside.

We could have done lots more colors since it was inside, but 6 seemed to take them awhile to find anyway, so 12 would have been a lot harder. They did do a good job though of finding things all over the house that were the colors they needed:

They came up with lots of different things and didn't just copy off of each other.

After that, we had a color art project!

We made flowers with different colored petals.

They worked really hard on this and all did a good job!

Their flowers turned out great!

I am so glad Lily has so many friends to do things with now that her brothers are in school all day. It makes the day more fun! =)

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  1. It was a lot of fun! Johnny took his picture and hung it up over his bed when he got home. =) Thanks again