Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun!

Last night, we carved our pumpkins! Lily actually helped clean hers out this year!

I love their faces in these pictures. They don't look too happy about sticking their hands in that gooey mess. (Not that I blame them, of course!)

Zach was a serious pumpkin cleaner this year!

While we were carving our pumpkins, these three cuties came to our house to do a little early Trick or Treating!

When we got back inside, the kids got down to business, deciding what they were going to carve.

Lily is even a girly-girl in her pumpkin carving. She drew eyelashes on her pumpkin & made me carve them out too. 

I carved Lily's pumpkin, but the boys did most of their own carving.

Here are their pumpkins!
Lily's girl jack-o-lantern:

Riley's vampire:
(Shocking...I know...)

And Zach's wizard hat, moon, and star:

I can't wait to light them up tonight! (We use glow sticks so they have colored lights in them, but I didn't have enough to light them up twice.)
Later on, we went to Halloween Street to see all of the houses decorated for Halloween!

Now all we have to do is get our costumes on & go Trick or Treating tonight!!
Speaking of candy, Emma was trying to eat all of our candy this morning! ;0)

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. The kids did such a good job with the pumpkins! - I hope Emma didn't eat too much candy before her afternoon nap. ;-)