Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning, started out with a run for the kids' pile of presents from Santa:

Santa was very good to them this year. ;0)
They all sat and played with those presents for awhile.....

until they couldn't take it any longer, and wanted to open the presents from each other & from Jeff & I.

The aftermath:

After a relaxing morning together, we headed over to my parents' house for our Ramsey Christmas!
Here is 3 generations of girls! My oldest sister, Kathleen, her 3 girls; Rachel, Karen, & Lindsey, and Rachel's twin girls; Brigid & Ceridwen:

Then we let the two boys, Kyle & Ares (Rachel's husband & son) in the picture too. ;0)

My brother, Joe & his little girl Madison:

My mom & dad, right before they opened the letter telling them we paid for a trip to Rome, Italy for them!! =0 

The chaos of the little kids opening presents:

Then it was time for the adults' white elephant gift exchange! Here are just some of the "treasures" that people got:

Then, my mom wanted pictures of just the boys & just the girls:

Then we made mom take a picture with us. :0)

It was a wonderful way to spend the day!

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