Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pinewood Derby 2013

We went to the annual Boy Scout Pinewood Derby again last Saturday. The kids & Jeff had been working hard on the cars. Lily entered a car again in the Outlaw Class, and both boys had cars on the regular race. Zach made a silver car with lightening bolts, snakes, and dice, with the words Chance and Zach 10 on either side.

Riley got a Scooby Doo wrap to go on his car!! He was so excited!

Lily painted her car sparkly purple and put princess stickers on it. (I know..everyone is shocked by this decision!) ;0)

My three boys:

The race finally started, and the kids got to racing!

When it was all over, Lily got 4th in her race. Riley got 5th & Zach got 8th. Not too bad. =) The best part was that they had fun and they were all good sports! (Which is a big accomplishment for one of them in particular...)
They are already planning their cars for next year!

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