Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jeff's Knee Surgery

Last Thursday, Jeff had his much needed knee surgery. When we first got his appointment, we were excited, because it was for early in the morning. That would have been nice, because then he would have gotten it out of the way & on to recovery. But, the Monday before, they called & said they had moved it to 1:00. :0( And even then, he didn't actually get into surgery until after 2:30! He did GREAT though!! They thought he might have had a tiny tear on his meniscus, but he didn't. He only has minimal arthritis which was also good news. They smoothed out some scar tissue, and took out a big chunk of bone that was causing most of the pain. He is already doing so much better! His knee is sore, obviously, but he can already tell a difference where it used to hurt the most. He has gone to Physical Therapy twice and will be heading back to work 1/2 days tomorrow for the rest of the week. Thank you all who have kept Jeff in your prayers!!  

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