Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lily's Weekend With Meadow

Last Friday, Lily got to bring the class owl, Meadow, home! She has been waiting all year to bring the owl home! When you get to take Meadow home, you do fun things with her & then "Meadow" journals what she got to do with the kindergartner she went home with & you add photos to the journal. Lily got to keep Meadow on a 3 day weekend, so she got to do lots of stuff with her! First, Lily introduced Meadow to Baby Lamb:

Then she dressed Meadow up:

Then she let Emma play with Meadow. But Emma tried to eat her, so we stopped letting Emma play with her. ;0)

After Jeff got home, we went out to dinner to Chili's & Meadow came with us. (So did Emma!) :0)

On Saturday, Lily & Meadow played all day long. She drug that owl all over the house! Then when it was time to go to church & then the Pinewood Derby, Lily buckled Meadow into the seat next to her.

At the Pinewood Derby she had Meadow with her (or made Jeff hold her) while she raced her car.

On Sunday, it was so nice, that we all went out to play, even Meadow!

That night, Rachel & Ares came over to get Lily for a sleepover! So, Meadow went with them! Rachel was very nice & took pictures of Meadow while she was at their house. Here she is with Brigid, Lily, Ares, and Ceri:

They got to make their own pizzas for dinner!

And play Operation! (See, Baby Lamb wasn't left out...she got to go too!)

Meadow even got a check-up with doctors Ares & Lily:

On Monday, Lily & Meadow just played together, and she had to go back to the class on Tuesday.

I think that Lily was kind of sad to see Meadow go. But she knows she is going to go on a new adventure soon with another kindergartner! Lily also got to share the fun things that they did together on Tuesday when her teacher read the journal and showed the pictures to the class! And now she has some more fun kindergarten memories! =)  

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