Sunday, December 1, 2013

My First Thanksgiving (To Host!!)

Last Thursday, I hosted my first Thanksgiving! We usually go to my In-Laws & my Mother-In-Law, Sheril, usually does almost all of the cooking. Well, this year, to help her out, Jeff & I hosted it at our house!! I was pretty excited! :) Mainly because I like to decorate. ;0)

This was the kids' table:

I found a cute tablecloth that the kids could color on, and play games on. I printed out turkey coloring pages, and crayon holders. The kids thought this was fun!

Clear in the other room was where the grown-up tables were. ;0)

While all of this was going on inside, Jeff was outside slaving over a hot smoker! I am SO glad he is a good cook!! I had the easy part of getting the sides together, he had the hard part of getting the ham & turkey ready.

MMMMM! Don't these look delicious?!?!

By the time everyone got there, we had tons of food!! (And this isn't even all of it!)

After dinner, we celebrated Zach's Birthday. Since everyone was already over there (on Jeff's side) and his birthday was in a few days, it seemed logical.

He wanted a Pokémon cake. (His first choice was Minecraft, but they didn't have that.)

He still really liked this one though.

He also got presents!!!

I was tired by the end of the day, but it all went smoothly & everyone had a good time! I call this first attempt a success!!

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  1. kids still play pokemon?...
    your thanksgiving looked yummy!!! :)