Thursday, January 30, 2014

National Anthem & a Hockey Game

On Tuesday, Zach's Honor Choir sang The National Anthem at a Thunder Hockey game!! They were all SO excited!!

Lily was super excited that her BFF Allison was there too! :0)

Zach walking in to sing!

They were in a weird position, so this picture was taken through glass. (We were actually behind them.) :0(

Jumbo-Tron picture of them singing: 

They were awesome!! :0)

Then the game started!!

Zach got to come back and sit with us after they sang.

He had lots of fans come to listen to him. :0)

My dad & Riley:

My mom came too, but I don't have a picture of her.....

Lily, Jeff, and his mom:

And my niece Rachel, and her son Ares:

Some of us on the Jumbo-Tron!! (there's my mom!) ;0)

And Thunder Dog even came over to our section!

The kids had fun watching the game (and eating popcorn & drinking pop...), and we all loved hearing the All Saints Honor Choir!!

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