Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pinewood Derby 2014

Saturday was the Cub Scouts annual Pinewood Derby. The boys both made cars, and Lily made a car for the Outlaw Race again.




The Cub Scouts all race against each other trying to eliminate another scout.

They also have the Outlaw Races at the same time, so it gets a little confusing at times. The Outlaw Races are for anyone who is not a cub scout that wants to race.

My nephew Johnny is a cub scout this year & raced a car!

His older sisters, Tabitha & Alyssa also raced cars. Here they are racing each other. Taby was a little excited that she beat her sister.... ;0)

As was Riley when he beat Zach:

The Outlaw winners! Taby's BFF, Mia (whose brother is a scout in Riley's troup) won 1st, Lily won 2nd, and Taby won 3rd. Way to go girls!! 

The Cub Scout winners! Link (Mia's brother) won 1st, Riley won 2nd, and Zach won 3rd. Great showing boys!!

They were all pretty excited to win and to bring a trophy or medal home. I guess Jeff is getting pretty good at building these cars! ;0)

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  1. Way to go!! Love the car designs!