Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Puff Paint Snowflakes

While the kids were still on break & it was super cold, I decided to have them make puff paint snowflakes! All we needed was wax paper, puff paint, and we used pictures of snowflakes for them as a guide.

For a fun treat, we had bubbly drinks! We used cotton candy & sprite. The kids thought this was yummy!

They each chose which snowflake and color they wanted & placed the wax paper over the top of the picture. They used the paint to trace the shape of the snowflake. 

I had to remind them that all of the lines had to connect of this wouldn't work.
Here are their snowflakes:




When they are dry, you can peel them off and stick them on a window!

Riley & Lily's were thick enough, but Zach's was too thin & broke when I peeled it off. :0( 

They were fun to make though & they liked how they looked on the window!

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