Monday, January 20, 2014

Snowman Day!

Jeff & Zach went to the Trappers Campout last Friday & Saturday, so Lily, Riley, & I were left at home alone. I decided to let them have some fun too, so we had a snowman day! I made pancakes for Lily & Riley & turned them into snowmen! I made pancakes of two different sizes, used mini chocolate chips for the eyes & mouth, M&M's for the nose & buttons, and a little whipped cream for snow.

They also got hot chocolate in their snowman mugs!

Carrying on the snowman theme, for lunch we had snowman grilled cheese sandwiches. I cut out circles in bread & cheese, and made the sandwiches. (Be warned though, this wasted a lot of bread...) I added raisins for the face & buttons, and pretzel sticks for the arms. They really liked these too!  

After lunch we made snowman using shaving cream "paint". To do this, you need liquid glue, shaving cream, and iridescent glitter. (and construction paper)

Use equal parts shaving cream & glue, and mix together.

Add glitter and mix that up.

Then make your snowman on paper. We used light blue paper & sponge brushes to paint the snowmen.

You want to lay it on nice and thick so it's puffy.
The kids decided that they wanted to add more glitter when they were done with their snowman shape.

Then they used more construction paper to add to their snowmen:

Here are their finished snowmen! I think they are so cute!!

I loved the way these turned out! They are glittery & shiny & they are puffy and soft when you touch them.
I think we will do this again, but add food coloring and different colored glitter to make different kinds of pictures!!

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  1. If you can't adopt me can you at least adopt Camden? We want a snowman day!!!