Thursday, June 19, 2014

Exploring more of Dublin!

Day two of our Ireland adventure started out with us walking around Dublin. We were heading to the Jameson Distillery!

We saw this church first though, so we decided to stop in and see it. It is St. Audon's Church and it was really neat to look at.

The above text is about the stone below. It is said to have magical powers. ;0) 

After St. Audon's, we started walking toward Jameson again, and saw the Oldest Pub in Ireland. We were definitely coming back here!

More Dublin scenery:

Then finally: AHHH!! Jameson! Jeff's favorite part of Ireland!! :0)

There were about 30 people in our tour group and only 8 could be in the "master taster" portion of the tour. Jeff got picked to be in it!!!

This was Jeff's Whiskey tasting pallet:

Everyone got the choice of a shot of Jameson or Jameson in ginger ale. Kathleen & I chose it with the ginger ale. Now, I like Jameson. Jeff & I enjoy it in coffee, but Kathleen does not like hard alcohol, but I give her credit for trying it. Here she is tasting it: 

And here is her reaction to it:

Hee hee. ;0)
I liked it though. :0)

Jeff during his tasting:

Jeff's shot:

This is what our Jameson & ginger ale looked like:

Jeff getting his official certificate of being a qualified whiskey taster:

Kathleen wanted to get a similar picture of me drinking straight Jameson:

But I didn't make a face. Hee hee. ;0)

After Jameson, we looked for a place to eat. On the way, we found this bar & restaurant called The Church. LOL! (We also found a pub called The Library.)

We also found Mario:

This is the pub we ate lunch at:

I had Bangers & Mash. (sausage & mashed potatoes in gravy)

Jeff had lamb skewers & chips (fries).

And Kathleen had a steak sandwich & chips. 

More pictures of Dublin as we walked to Trinity College to see The Book of Kells.

You could not take pictures in the actual part where the Book of Kells was. (The book of Kells is a very elaborately illustrated book of the Bible.) You could take pictures in the next section though, which was a big library.

After Trinity College, we walked on toward The Famine Ship, and saw these buildings along the way:

And a sign for a Leprechaun Museum.....

These are statues outside of where the Famine Ship is. So sad.

We didn't actually go in, mainly because we were exhausted by this time. We hailed a cab and went back to the hotel to rest up for our night out.

Almost every hotel we stayed in had a pot to make tea. Here I am serving Kathleen her afternoon tea. ;0)

After we were all rested up, we headed out to a pub named O'Neils, which was supposed to have traditional Irish food & music, but had neither. :0/

We were going to eat there, then head over to The Brazen Head which is the oldest pub in Ireland. When O'Neils didn't pan out, we were just going to go to The Brazen Head then, but it started raining pretty hard, so we ducked into the closest pub that had music.

They did have traditional Irish food, but the live music was more American than Irish. We did hear two songs that sounded Irish though.

We ordered this as our appetizer. It was fried brie in a cranberry sauce. It was yummy!!

I ordered Dublin Coddle which was beef & bacon in a mushroom sauce. it was yummy. (Notice the potatoes....the Irish like their potatoes....)

Jeff ordered a lamb stew:

An Kathleen ordered a Beef & Guinness Pot Pie.

We all thought our food was good!
After the rain stopped, we decided to head over to the Brazen Head for drinks and music.
(This was where we ate dinner):

The Brazen Head:

There was no music here either, but there was Irish coffee & this delicious Bailey's cheesecake. YUM!!!

On the way back to the hotel, we found an actual Catholic church. You would think they would be very prevalent, but in Dublin, there are a lot of Church of Irelands.

To explain this next picture, you have to know that Kathleen loves Diet Pepsi....NOT Diet Coke. You also have to know that Ireland has mainly coke products. So when Kathleen spotted Diet Pepsi in a store, she was super excited!! ;0)

After that, we went back to the hotel and got packed up to go to Kilkeny & Waterford!!


  1. There was so much I loved about that post!

  2. I feel the same as Amy! I really want to know more history about the things you saw so be prepared to give me a lesson in Irish history when I see you in a couple of weeks!! :0)
    -D. (P.S. I am being completely serious!)

  3. I love these pictures! Jeff looks like a kid in a candy store at the Jamerson factory!