Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Giant's Causeway & The Dark Hedges

On Saturday, the 14th, we went to The Giant's Causeway. By this time, we were super tired of walking, so when there was a bus to get down to the causeway, we gladly paid the fee to use it. :0)

The Giant's Causeway is an area of interlocking basalt columns caused by a volcanic eruption. Most of the columns are a hexagon, but some have fewer or more sides. It is really interesting to see how uniform the columns are and that they are not man-made, but caused by nature.  

It is called The Giant's Causeway because of the legend that the columns are the remains of a causeway (a road built over a body of water) built by a giant named Finn MacCool.  

There is also a "Wishing Chair" that was made for Finn when he was a child. If you sit on the chair and make a wish, your wish will come true!
This is where we thought the wishing chair was.....

Then after we all took our pictures in it, and Kathleen had started to climb back down, Jeff realized that it was actually on the other side in a precarious spot. Kathleen did not feel the need to climb back up, but Jeff & I went over to it and took our pictures & I know I made a wish. :0)

Jeff was like a little boy, climbing all over the place! :0)

This is supposed to be the giant's organ:

And this is one of the giant's boots:

These flowers are all over the place and I thought they were pretty!

After the causeway, we went to The Dark Hedges. I had seen pictures of the dark hedges & I was super excited to see them, until we actually saw them. Then I was a little disappointed. :0(

They were still pretty, but not what I had envisioned in my head. Oh well. If that was my only disappointment for Ireland, then I'll take it. :0)

We ate lunch in Belfast, then headed back to Dublin.
The last hotel we stayed in was The Red Cow Inn. It was very comfy and had a steak house & bar attached, so that was nice. 

Here is a map of Ireland that Jeff drew our driving path on. As you can see, we went clear around the country!! We started at Dublin (pointed out in green) and ended back in Dublin.

We were originally going to go to mass on Sunday in an old Catholic church, but were so tired that we decided to go to the closest church to the hotel (which was fairly new) on Saturday night and sleep in on Sunday. I am not sorry about this decision. I liked sleeping in after a week of go, go, go. :0)
The last post will be about our last day in Dublin. More fun ahead!!

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