Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun with Shaving Cream!

On Wednesday, we had some cousins over for shaving cream play! We set up tow tables, one for the big kids, and one for the three 2 year olds. The older kids were all excited about this & dove right into it!

The little girls weren't too sure about it though.....


Emma decided she was a big kid too, so she went over to their table. ;0)

Taking their cue from the older kids, Ceri & Brgid decided to smear it on each other. ;0)

Are is covered!!
I also love the fact that Lily & Alyssa were using the glass door as a mirror. LOL!

Emma thought he Momma needed some too.

When everyone was sufficiently covered, we hosed them down!!

One more thing crossed off of our Summer Fun List! We are so glad the kids have cousins to help us cross these fun things off! =0)