Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fun at the Park!

Going to the park is on our summer fun list, and we live right by a park, so that's definitely something we do a lot of anyway, but I wanted our first visit to a park for the summer to be a super fun park, so we headed to the Sedgwick County Park. There are lots of playgrounds there, but this one is super fun!! It is huge too! We have gone here before, but since it is clear on the other side of town and takes about 25 minutes to get to, we don't go there much. So anytime to play here is a good time! They had a blast this time too! 

We brought Emma with us since we were at her house to take pictures of her baby brother. :0)
She was getting worn out here......

Emma loves her Zach!!

Fun times at a fun park, and one more thing crossed off our list!

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  1. WoW! There is a ton of fun stuff there! Thanks again for taking Emma. I know she had fun! :-)