Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School Gifts!

Today is the last day of summer break for my kids, which means tomorrow is their first day back at school! This summer has flown by!! I'm usually more than ready to send them back, but it seems like they just got out.
I usually make back to school gifts for the teachers and the kids. I'll start with the teachers. I was just going to a basket with candy & their favorite drink, but then my niece sent me a picture of the cutest craft, so I just HAD to do that!  

Isn't that adorable?? All it is, is a mason jar that I painted red, the lid painted green, then I painted a wooden bead brown, cut out leaves from scrapbook paper, folded them down the middle to make them "3D", and glued those on to the lid. Then I filled them with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

Zach has two homeroom teachers (they're part time) so that's why there are 4.)

I was already going to fill cups with candy, so I did that too. :0)

I threw those plus their favorite drink in a basket with some white crinkled filler. (basket & filler from dollar tree....and the jars and cups too!)
I added a cute back to school tag to the cup, and I'm going to add a tag that says who it's to and from plus: "Two things you need to get through the first week of school: chocolate and caffeine!"
I hadn't made that yet when I took the picture though. ;0)

On to the kids' gifts! I usually have a few things for the kids when they wake up to greet them on their first day back. This year it is orang Crush pop with a note saying, "You are going to CRUSH this year!"

They are also getting airhead candies with a note:

I have no idea why the word year is highlighted....I just noticed that. Oh well. Maybe the kids wont notice. :0)

We're off to the start a new year!!

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