Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Snow Day!

Since the summer is so hot, we decided to have a little cool down by having a Summer Snow Day! We had cousins over and started off our day with a fun game. I divided the kids into three teams. They picked one person to be the snowman and the other two had to turn them into a snowman using toilet paper, hats, scarves, a paper carrot nose, and paper buttons.
Taby & Johnny quickly started wrapping up Riley:  

Alyssa wrapped Lily while Ceri looked on:

And originally, Zach & Ares were going to turn Emma into a snowgirl, but she wasn't really into it. ;0)

So Amy helped Ares wrap Zach:

The first ones done were these three. They did a great job!

Zach also made a very nice snowman. 

And Alyssa & Ceri did a good job turning Lily into a snowgirl!

Our next fun project was playing with freezy dough! All you need for this is shaving cream and either Kool-Aid for the scent & color, or food coloring for just the coloring. Then stick it in the freezer and let it freeze overnight.

They had fun with this, but it melted fairly quickly and it stained their hands.

Next up was making ice cream in a bag. We mixed 1 cup half & half with 2 tablespoons sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla in a small ziplock bag. Then we added ice & salt to a gallon sized ziplock bag, added the smaller bag (making sure it's closed tightly!) and then closing the big bag tightly.
Each of the kids shook their bags all over the room while watching frozen. 

While the kids were shaking their bags to make ice cream, I made them frozen hot chocolate. (You can find the recipe here:

It was really yummy & the kids finally finished their shaking and were able to enjoy their ice cream too!

The final treat of the day were these ice cream cookies I made by dipping the tops of Nutter Butters into almond bark and sprinkles and topping with an M&M.

The kids thought these were yummy too!
I hope the kids had fun, I know mine did, and this was a fun new thing to try during the summer!

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  1. That looked very fun and yummy! Wish we could have been there!