Sunday, August 10, 2014

Western Kansas

Last week, we all headed to Hays, Kansas. Why Hays you might ask. Well, because Jeff has a conference there every year. We always tag along, because August marks the beginning of conference and convention season for Jeff's business. That means he's gone a lot. Since this one happens before school and it's not too far away, we always got with him. The kids get to swim in the hotel pool and go to the mall and watch a movie, and we get to go out to sinner with Jeff at night and spend time as a family. :0)
The kids swam A LOT this time, and every time, they were the only ones in the pool. Lucky them!  

After Jeff's conference ended on Thursday, we were just going to head home, but we decided to go to Castle Rock in Western Kansas. It is a huge formation of rocks out in the middle of a flat prairie. It's actually pretty cool. It is leftover from when Kansas was covered in water and these are sedimentary rocks that were deposited there. (I only know this because my smart husband told me ;0)  )

Anyway.....The kids thought this was awesome!!

They tried to climb this one, but there wasn't really anywhere to climb.

So we went over to all of the other rocks to let the kids climb!

This is Castle Rock:

It's by its little lonesome self. ;0)
The rest had a ton of places you could climb!

This was the hard way to get up. About half way up, I made Lily come back down and go the easier way.

Even Jeff climbed up!

She finally made it to the top!!

So much climbing to be done!

This little butterfly hung out on my foot. Seriously, even when I walked, he just sat there for the longest time. :0)

(Please disregard my gross feet....I really need a pedicure....)

We didn't let the kids climb all of these. This was a spur of the moment trip, so all they had were flip-flops, which are not great from climbing steep rocks. So, we told them we would come back another time when they had real shoes one.

They weren't just climbing though, they found some cool fossils of shells....

what we think might be a dinosaur bone.....

and petrified wood!

We had fun on our little mini vacation, especially our little impromptu side trip!


  1. I like the little butterfly!!!

  2. Those would be fun to climb on ! I bet you Really wished you hadn't had sandals on so you could get up there with the kids...but someone has to take the pics ;0)