Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of School! (2014)

Today was the first day of school!! Lily was super excited!! Riley was kind of excited. Zach thought he was being sentenced to death.... ;0)

Here are my three cuties in their uniforms getting ready to head off to school! Zach is now in 6th grade (Middle school!!!!), Riley is in 4th, and Lily is in 2nd.

Zach actually got dropped off first, but he refused to let me take a picture of him in the classroom. At first he told us w couldn't even go in the room (or really near his room before he got in it, LOL!), but we reminded him of how much stuff he had to bring in and that he may need some help. So Jeff was allowed to drop off some stuff and then quickly leave. ;0)

Riley still lets me take a picture of him with his teacher. :0) This is Ms. Theisen's second year at All Saints, but Riley got to know her last year because he would go get books from her and he really likes her. I think he's going to have a great year! 

Lily was the last one to get dropped off. Here she is with her BFF Alli being silly! 

Mrs. Heise was also Lily's kindergarten teacher! We LOVE Mrs. Heise!!! Lily was SO excited to get her again. I know she will have a great year!!

Every year, I ask the kids the same questions before they go back to school. Some of the answers are always the same, and some change. Here are what they said this year:

I can't wait to see what they thought of their first day back!

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  1. Hope they have a great year! Loved their answers!