Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fabric Covered Benches (That the kids made)

Warning: This is not an actual tutorial on how to make a bench. ;0)

So, a few weeks ago, when Jeff & I went out to dinner & my parents were watching the kids, my dad let Lily & Riley build benches out of scrap wood in the garage. They were so proud of these benches! But the wood alone was not good enough. No, we needed to cover them with fabric and make them soft too. ;0) So, I bought some cotton batting and fabric to cover the benches.
Here is Riley with his bench:

He measured out and cut the cotton to size:

Here is Lily's bench:

She measured and cut her cotton and then they both glued it on:

Then they laid their fabric on top of the benches to see where they needed to be cut. This is where we realized Riley's was way too short. We continued with Lily's and Ri had to wait until we got more fabric.

We used a staple gun to attach the fabric:

After doing one side, Lily cut off the excess fabric and stapled the rest:

Here is her finished bench:

I think it's a bench for Barbies. ;0)

A few days later, we got more material for Riley. Yeah!

He cut his fabric....

and stapled it on:

Riley's bench:

They are both SO proud of their benches!! Thank you Granddad for letting them build something! :)

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