Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pumpkin Patch!

So, I am just now getting to posting about our trip to the pumpkin patch over a week ago. Last week was crazy busy!!
Anyway, we headed to our favorite pumpkin patch, Walter's in Burns, Kansas! It is huge!! And we have been going there since Riley was a baby. (He's 9 now...)

My kids are now conditioned to take pictures here. They just go from one place to another at the beginning standing where they know I will take their picture. :0)

This kid needs to stop growing!!

Zach didn't want to be an animal, so he was the farmer....

Scary Spiders!!

The zip line is one of the boys' favorite parts.

Then Emma & David got there!!
(Oh, and their parent, Amy & Sam.) ;0)

Lily & Emma had fun on the barrel train.

While they were riding that, the boys & I jumped on the giant jumping pillow!

Cousin pictures!!

We have been going to the patch with Amy & Sam since Emma was a baby!

We went over to the smaller jumping pillow for Lily, Emma, and Amy to jump on.

Zach decided he needed to jump with Emma too!

David was trying to figure out whether he liked the pumpkin patch or not. ;0)

Another favorite? Boo Mountain Slide!

I have no idea why climbing on hay is fun, but apparently it is.

The kids also like feeding the animals:

Obligatory horse pictures....

Yes, this is a yearly thing now. :0)

Amy didn't want to be left out....

We left that section and headed to punkin' chunkin'!

After that it was corn maze time!

As Amy put it, Emma suckered Jeff into carrying her. ;0)

After walking on her own again, She needed a shoulder ride, this time from Zach:

We found the middle!!

Now to find our way back out again....

Amy giving Zach a little ride. ;0)

We cheated and came out a little before the actual end. Corn mazes are overrated. ;0)

Lunch time!

Jeff bought the kids sarsaparilla. Yum!

After lunch, we waited for the tractor to take us out to the patch.

Obligatory patch picture: 

Searching for just the right one:

This was Amy's Pumpkin. ;0)

Amy, Sam, and the kids headed home for naps (I'm not sure who needed them more, the kids or the adults....)
But our kids were still full of energy (yeah....) so we let them run some of it off at the playground.

We stopped off at the little patch on our way back to punkin' chunkin' to spend the last of our tokens.

After chunking our pumpkins, we watched the pumpkin cannon shoot a pumpkin out over the fields!

Jeff & I:

Lily & Zach:

Then Lily & Zach thought it would be funny to switch places. They're so goofy!

On our way out, we saw a bride and groom:

a scarecrow:

a pumpkin snowman witch:

and a man riding a giant rooster:

It was another fun day spent at the pumpkin patch!

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  1. Great pics! Walter's is always a great time :0)