Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Cookies!

The kids have gotten to decorate two kids of cookies this year. The first was a funny take on gingerbread men. We made Ninja-bread men!!

I got this fun kit at Big Lots and immediatly though the boys would love it. They did, but so did Lily! :0)

This was my attempt at a Ninja:

These are Zach's ninjas:



Zach biting the head off of a ninja... ;0)

A few days later, we decided to make sugar cookies so we had cookies for Santa. They all took turns cutting cookies out of the dough:

We didn't get to decorate them that night, but the next day, the kids got out all of the sprinkles we own and the icing that Grammy gave us and got to work!

These are some of the ones Lily made:

Some of Riley's:

And some of Zach's:

They each got to choose one to set aside for Santa:

Now all of our Christmas baking is done! :0)

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