Monday, December 1, 2014

Elf on the Shelf 2014

On Christmas Eve last year, our old Elfie died. Well, his arm fell off. He originally came from my parent's house and was older than I am (36), and I guess all of his adventures were a little too much for poor Elfie. I still have him, he's just not going to be making anymore trips to our house to make mischief.
So, since Elfie was out of commission, Santa sent a new Elf to watch over the kids until Christmas. He arrived this morning with M&M filled candy canes and a note explaining that Elfie decided he needed to stop traveling so much and that he would be their new Elf. They also needed to name him. After MUCH debate (and no help from Zach at all....his suggestions included Elfie 2, New Elfie, and The Elfinator....), They decided to name him Candy Cane because he is red & white.

As with the old Elfie, Candy Cane took away his note, put the kids candy canes away for them for after school, and then moved to await their coming home.

Stay tuned for the Adventures of Candy Cane!

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  1. I like his name!! Elfie made his first appearance this past Sunday and again today. Camden was PUMPED! He also wanted to set up video surveillance!