Sunday, December 21, 2014

More of Candy Cane's Adventures!

Our Elf Candy Cane has been up to a lot around here! Here are some of the fun things he's been doing:


Riding in a one horse open sleigh!


Just relaxing in a hammock:

Someone made breakfast for the kiddos!

Reindeer Poop?!? Yuck! ;0)

Playing pool with a pony:

Candy Cane got into the chocolates!!

One morning we found him drinking chocolate milk and eating cookies while watching a Christmas movie!

I think he wanted a good view of what was going on when he got up on top of the ceiling fan!

Taking tea and eating cupcakes with Elsa:

And finally, letting us know how many days are left until Christmas!!

Candy Cane only has a few more days left at our house!!

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