Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ballet in the Park's Snow White

Last Saturday, Lily & I went with our friends, Ann & Madeline, to see Ballet Wichita put on Snow White in the park. It is a free even they put on every summer.

The ballet was really good, and I really liked how they used music from the actual Disney movie.
(Sorry these pictures are terrible, I was using my cellphone.)

Snow White cleaning in the palace:

The evil queen & her magic mirror:

The dwarves danced around through the audience!

Snow White waked up!!

Afterwards, you could meet and take pictures with the cast!!

The prince rode up on this white horse. Lily & Madeline loved it!

We all went to lunch afterwards and then Lily & Madeline got snow cones!!

We can't wait to see what they put on next year!

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