Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mulberry Pie

Growing up, we had a mulberry tree by our house. I loved picking and eating mulberries from it, and then my kids loved picking and eating mulberries from it and getting all purple-y. :0) Here are some pictures of my little babies from 2011:

Sadly, the tree is not there anymore. Fortunately, (or unfortunately if you think about how many times they wipe their purple hands on their clothes....) they discovered they could reach the neighbors' mulberries in their tree since it is big enough now that the branches hang over into our yard.

 Zach climbed way up into the tree! His head is about halfway up!

Then Lily climbed up too!

They ended up getting a ton of berries. They picked for about an hour and a half!!

They decided to make a pie with all of those berries.
*Funny side story, the kids used to pick "berries" from a tree in my parents' yard and ask my mom to make a pie, but they weren't really edible. So, my mom, being the nice Grammy that she is, would make a pie with real berries and give it to them. So nice!! :0)

Since they were determined to have pie, I found a recipe for mulberry pie.
I used refrigerator pie shells, so that part was easy! ;0)
Next, after washing the berries (we had about 3 cups), I added 1 cup sugar (that was a bit much this time, so I probably would use 3/4 cup next time.) and 1/4 cup flour and mixed that all up.

Pour it all in the pie shell and dot with butter:

Top the pie with the other crust, splash a little milk on top and sprinkle with sugar. Put small slits around the crust and bake at 400* for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 350* and bake for 30 minutes.

We ate ours with ice cream. Yummy!!

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